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Summa Supreme Inflatable Foot Rest Cushion

  • Summa Supreme Inflatable Foot Rest Cushion is made of beautiful and smooth polyester / cotton and flocking material. 
  • Dimensions: 39 x 31 x 9.5 cm (1layer), 43 x 26 x 32.5 cm (2layer), 41 x 25 x 47 cm.
  • It only takes 1'30'' to make it fully inflated if you keep pressing. DFT inflatable foot rest pillow for travel has a pump built-on, you needn't to bring an extra airpump. And also considering the embarrassment of blowing air, we created the idea to press the air in, easy and convenient.What's more, the deflate design is also convenient. Don't have to wait long to make it deflate, just press the air hole button down to let the air out, simple and quick. 
  • Leaking Air Is The Last Possibility - First, the airplane footrest is made up of flock fabric with solid seams. This kind of premium material not only makes the pillow cushion soft and flexible, but also thicker and more durable.Second,solid construction, special design for sealing. We tested it out through months to see if there's any leak or anywhere we should improve, but the result is unexpected, the pillow kept almost the same as before, the valve design prevents the air from escaping.
  • Summa partners with people and organizations to help them support their sporting endeavors. By shopping with us you will and truly are supporting your community.
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