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Summa Skincare and Cosmetics - Tanning Lotion


Summa Skincare and Cosmetics - Tanning Lotion is one of our top-selling products under our newest collection "Summa Skincare and Cosmetics" which is fully tested by our professional R & D team and composed of 8000+ formulas. Our Tanning Lotion attracts ultraviolet rays to enter the skin and to make a satisfying tanned skin result. This is perfect to get tanned faster when you're in a wonderful and relaxing vacation at the beach or in any sunny places. Since this is a lotion, this can be applied smoothly and gives skin more comfort and at the same time, being moisturized.

For more information, you are welcome to send us an email at enquiries@summasportswear.com or you can visit our site directly https://summasportswear.eu/

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